Goodbye, Dear!

Guys, I’m proudly telling you this is my friend!
Her name is Winna, Natasha Winna Soewastika. She was my chair mate in my freshman year in senior high school. She is an introvert, well, you’ll find it later. She plays piano, has one sister, and the best thing is, she loooves eating. Maybe thats the reason why we are so clicked with each other. Hehe.
Why did I write goodbye on the tittle? It’s because she’ll be leaving Indonesia, her family, and me probably. Why, again? Becaaause she’ll continue her study in German.
But that’s okay since she promised me to always send me a letter, not an email.
I met her last week, she told me these, those and whatever since we had haven’t met for almost six months.
Okay. Now, raise our hands and make du’a like The Prophet thought us and with one voice let’s all say,
“Goodbye, Natasha! Don’t forget to create your very own path full of colours!♡”


Best regards,
Yasmin Hasna


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