Have you ever felt like, “There is nothing I can do because, well, it is over.”
I felt that way in the last two months; couldn’t even manage my time; had no intention to study; and the last part is, friend-less.
Friend-less is not a problem. It is a bliss God had given to me. Once my Mom said, “There’s nothing such as friend. There’s only intention to get your own thing done. Vice versa”. Ruthless, yes, the only word to describe life.

But done with friend-stuff, I have something good to tell you guys.
My first GPA score!!! I thought I would get D (not passed, need to retake the subject in the next three years) or I (incomplete, means I still have to complete my uncomplete tasks or exams) BUT, I GOT SOMETHING BEYOND MY EXPECTATION!!! Okay sorry for the capslocked words, BUUUUUT YEAAAAS!!! I don’t know where did I, how could I, why did I get that score :’) It absolutely is the help of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Thankyou, Allah! Thankyou!

I should be more grateful towards everything in life, even in the hardest part. Even in the painful one. Just keep in mind that somehow, somewhere, somewhen, something good will happen to cheer up our day.


Best Regards,
Yasmin Hasna