Citizen Sketcher

My video class on Sketching People in Motion is in full swing. Which means I’m getting lots of great questions from students.

The course starts with the basic techniques of speed sketching, followed by tinting in watercolor, and some demonstration of direct watercolor sketching.

In the later lessons, I get into some discussion about ‘reportage’. The practice of using your sketches to document events.

This montage of sketches from the Corning Museum of Glass is one of the more complex examples I talk about near the end of chapter 7. We do an animation showing how it’s put together, but I’ve had a question about it in the class discussion, and I’d like to go into more detail here.


I love this kind of drawing. It’s a way to get out into the world and discover things I would otherwise never encounter. [Beekeepers | Rock Climbers | Trial Lawyers | Alzheimers Patients]

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