One Joyful Day


Pardon my face, but, YAAAY!!! I’m so happy! I finally can escaped from the crowded yet boring city and had an hour to breath the fresh air in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

While spending the first 30 minutes with eating and praying Dzuhr, the sky suddenly started to rain but it didn’t stop the fun. My friend and I insisted to wait in the car until the rain stop. We took some photos since we almost die in boredom -I even used lipstick because, well, just, I don’t know, boredom attack, maybe?


Right after a short break from the rain, we walked around the tea garden.

Boy, oh, boy, the peace I need to live was there. My life felt thousand times lighter than usual.

Adoring the beauty
Capturing the purity
Sucking the fucking free air deeply
Closing my eyes
Feeling the joy of the cold wind touched my skin
Listen to nothing but my own thought -letting them escaped.


Please, do not hesitate to visit God’s masterpiece in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
Just brace yourself for the jam. The jam is absolutely above the sky, I meant it.


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