Hidden bliss

the phrase has three basic parts:

Al – The definite article, “the.”
Ḥamdu – Meaning the “feeling of gratitude”, as opposed to Shukr, words of gratitude.
Li-l-lāh – preposition + noun Allah.
Li- is a preposition meaning “for,” “belonging to,” etc.

The word “Allah” is itself the fusion of the definite article al (the) and the word ilah (a god, deity). Like in English, the article is used here to single out the noun as being the only one of its kind, “the god” (the one and only) or “God” with a capital G (the concept of capital letters does not exist in Arabic). Therefore, “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God”. “ilāh” is the Arabic cognate of the ancient Setimic name for God, El.

It also means that anything in existence to which is ascribed praise, thanks, glorification, or gratitude, is only able to achieve it due to God’s infinite mercy and grace.

Alhamdulillah: in theory, it is to be said with a profound sense of love, adoration, and awe of the power, glory, and mercy of God. In practice, however, its use is so widespread in Arabic-speaking countries that it might better be understood as meaning “thankfully,” “thank goodness,” or “thank God” as used in American English. Which is to say that not all Arabic speakers who use the phrase are consciously praising God when they say it.

The phrase is first found in the second verse of the first sura of the Qur’an (Al-Fatiha). So frequently do Muslims and Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians invoke this phrase that the quad riliteral verb Hamdala حمدل, “to say al-Hamdu li-‘llah” was coined, and the derived noun Hamdalah حمدلة is used as a name for this phrase.

On any occasion and in any situation when Muslims desire to praise God, they may say: Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله).

The triconsonantal root H-M-D (ح م د), meaning “praise,” can also be found in the names Muhammad, Mahmud, Hamid and Ahmad.

Wikipedia is the source of this content 👆.

Talking about Alhamdulillah and its meaning, I don’t know why I am so happy today. I laughed frantically over anything, even something that’s not funny at all. But I’m not crazy, I promise. I just didn’t see the bad side about what happened today. I saw them in a beautiful way and oh, it left me a bunch of good feelings 🙂

I also feel blessed because I realized that I’m not fully surrounded by fools HAHA. No, I mean, there are so many people out there love the way I am. The way I breath, I walk, I talk, I cry and the way I live 🙂

Moreover, someone just said something as kind as one lagniappe 🙂 we were talking about the past, and he reminded me one absolutely unattractive because not all the people would remember, little thing about us. Well about me actually.
And it was like, BOOM! people are not forgetting you, Yasmin, my dear ingénue. And I’m so thankful that I met someone like him 🙂 not in affective way, of course.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

Saying it in a million time will never be enough to represent my gratitude towards Allah 🙂
But no, I won’t give up that easily. I’ll try to be more grateful each day. I’ll try not to think negative about and always see the beauty part of umh, well, anything.

Thank you, Allah!💕



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