imageMy anti-vegie,
People talk about you behind
The street tells me
The wind shouts loudly

My dear,
You’ve gone through so much
The black and bruises
All over your body

My toothpaste,
It may leave you scars
Or unrevealed pain inside
But covered with smile, a genuine one

You have nothing
To hide under your armpit
The banner, the brochure, the broadcast
Even the mocks and the jokes people made

Because somehow I know
A good person indeed
Forget what hurt her but
Never forget what it taught her

An old man said,
Whenever she said that she doesn’t need a help
Help her,
Won’t you?


Please, be strong
As you used to be

Please, stay still
I beg you

Thursday, 26 November 2015
10:31 pm after I heard what just happened to you

Your can’t-go-home-at-night-kind-of friend πŸ™‚