So far today is a little bit funny.
Me and my sister, we both caught a cold. My mom and dad are on their trip to my brother’s graduation over provinces. And here we are. Two red cheeks and runny nose, having some tiny yet serious talk.
My sister bought the lunch and I cooked the rice. When my sister was about to eat lunch, she asked me,

“Lo masak nasi berapa gelas?” (How many cups of rice you cooked?)
“Dua” (Two)
“Kok dikit banget? Harusnya masak tiga gelas. Buang-buang listrik aja!” (Why it has to be just two cups? It should be three. You are wasting the electricity!)
“Ya dari pada ga habis” (Its better than having left over)

Few seconds after the debate, she started yelling again -I’m sure she was in front of the dining table,

“Lo gadoin ya perkedelnya?” (You ate the fried mashed potato without the rice, did you?”
“He-eh” (I did)
“Ih! Makan yang bener!” (Eat properly!)
“Yaa” (Okay)
“Iya iya aja!” (Okay, okay) [in a mocking way]

Ha, I don’t know did I lose my sense of humor or what but everything seems funny after I cried to sleep last night. It’s a good Monday, isn’t it?

Be happy y’all!