She has no emotion – SAYS WHO

People just don’t know where all her emotions have been spent on

She cried all night thinking herself is the worst person on earth

She cried all night feeling bad for people who got hurt by her words
She cried all night enduring the pain she had been holding for herself
She cried all night admitting she’s not wanted anywhere in the society

She cried all night having debate in mind whether to explode her thought tonight or not
She cried all night suffering from her own expectations that had been hanging since ages ago
She cried all night knowing her trusts on people are no use because they betray easily

She cried all night

She just cried

Because tomorrow she has to smile
Because tomorrow she has to pretend
She’s fine
She’s okay

But no
It’s a NO.
She’s not fine
She’s not okay

Stop saying she doesn’t have heart because she does, as anyone else

Please appreciate anything
The way you want to be appreciated by anyone


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