Thankyou [1]

“Min kapan mau dikasih kue?”

“Abang beli deh. Tapi reimburse yak”

“Bwl. Kapan maunya? Besok deh. Tapi siang”

“Dari rumah? Sekalian beli kue deh min. Ntar abang gantiin”

“Daripada bolak balik. Biar bisa pilih sendiri”

My 19th birthday has no sense of surprise anymore. At all. RIP surprising birthday celebration scene. Boohoohooh. He even asked me to come to the cake store by myself and pick the cake that I like. But, really, can’t I just sit neatly and get surprised?

I was happy yet pissed up at that time hahaha because the urge to explode is a little smaller than my gratitude towards this moment. Yes. I am happy. Reaaally. Im not joking tho, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Thank you, fatty Awdy

Also, thank you, Devita


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