Thankyou [2]

This one, my friend. This was when I felt happy, guilty and sad at a time.

Because I couldn’t even make time for her (but the fact that I can’t make time for myself is also pathetic yet real).

Who am I? A Bad-best-friend? Here, I was saying this as soon as we seperate

“Thank you so much. Really. I appreciate and meant it 🙂 I’ve been so frikingly busy without any attention of me having a distance with you. I just been so reckless with so many flaws to maintain my current life. I’m whacked inside and outside. I even had 2 days in a row without sleeping just to complete those tests, assignments, duties and other stuffs to handle 😦 I don’t even deserve the cupcakes, the balloon, the lollipop and even the birthday card. As a bad friend, here I am saying sorry and thank you at the same time. Hope I can be better in maintaining my life because I won’t disappoint anyone include you.


Your used to be a good friend but not anymore”

Can’t be more grateful to have a good friend like this. Keep yours, people. They are rare.
Thank you, Khairunnisa 🙂


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