Kecewa padaku, dik?

Ya, maaf, aku tak sesempurna yang dikira.

Bahaha, don’t know why but I feel like laughing. No one knows kalau aku juga telah lama kecewa (now everyone knows). No, don’t worry, kecewaku dulu bukan untukmu, dik. Tapi mereka yang bersamaku sejak pertama.

I expected too high, yet their standard was just too low.

But what did I do? No, I didn’t running around asking people why did they do it. No, I didn’t guessing much as I could. No, I didn’t judge them behind. Nooo, I didn’t do all the things like you do now because that would hurt a person’s heart.

Go ahead, ask me as much as you want because I have the answer you need to know.

Because clarification comes from the ones who did. Not their surrounding, my dear sister.

It’s just funny. Seriously and ironically.