F o o d

I randomly want to post photos of foods I cooked (dan yang kebetulan sempat difoto) ((dan kebetulan fotonya bagus))

Pisang goreng fried bananas

common spaghetti with carrrrrrrrots (im not a fans of carrot since day 1)

something-I-baked-with-chocolate? HAHAHAHHA I even forgot what on earth is the name.

obviously a spicy chicken ball?

taiwanese fried chicken strips

Banana fusion? DUUDE I just realized that Im not a good person in giving name over food… Fyi, I cooked this for some cooking competition and won the second place.

Well, just regular cheese sandwiches.

Traditional javanese food named Tiwul.


This used to ge called Perkedel; fried mashed potato with corned beef.

Chicken, with melted cheese inside.


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