Women in my Twenty 

“Eat together and be not seperate, because blessing is only with the united body” (Ibn Majah)

Talking about friends, or any best kind of a friend, these two lads are popping up in my mind. Yet, they also always pop up in my birthday without me noticing!

Frankly saying, I just got trapped.
Anisa (wearing red veil) was asking me to do iftar in some kedai with her. When I arrived at her house, she was WELL DRESSED, carrying her sling bag and a plastic with flowers inside. I looked at ma self… I only brought a wallet –with only IDR 20k inside and my cellphone and even only wear Jilbab (instant veil) and a sweater :”( good thing; I didn’t follow my desire to use slippers or I’d be a complete mess.

I have zero suspicion towards her. Even I had chance asking what to do with the flowers, and then got mad because she said it was for her friend’s boyfriend (why on earth they didn’t buy it by themselves????) Two minutes before adzan, she went outside with the flowers, saying her friend wanted to take it.

I waited five minutes, drinking ice tea peacefully. She came back laughing carrying the flowers back and I saw Khairunnisa (wearing blue veil) carrying cupcakes topped with sparkling magic candles that couldn’t get blown off.

“DIDN’T I FEEL SUSPICIOUS?” Of course I didn’t. If I did, I would’ve wore something appropriate and brought enough money :”(

I don’t know how, but these cruel women always succeed making time for my birthday and making it more beautiful with their own way.

Do I feel grateful? Of course I do. They bring happiness to my life and try hard to make it last longer. Well, indeed, friendship needs efforts to last forever 🙂


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