Have you ever wonder if you are on a sale, how much the shop would write your price on your tag? A dollar? Only few pennies? Or worth a thousand times than a diamond?Today I learned how people ‘price’ themselves. Some take it as a joke because the you only live once tagline is misleading their life HA HA but the others can’t even calculate how much their price would be because they are so expensive in their head.

Let’s work out a little with our imagination.

You’re in a rush to somewhere because you’re almost late. You only, no, you STILL have fifteen minutes left. If you cant make it thru the time, the consequences are; first, you can’t get into the place with usual access so then, the second, you have to take another way that’s not so far from the first one.

For me, that’s fine. Its not like you have to climb the hill, dive the ocean or break the wall. You just have to do a u turn and take another step. Thats it.

But some people dare to risk their life just to reach something that will never be more important than their life. Yes, their life. They risk their life by thinking “Oh no I cant be late so I’ll just drive as fast as I can. Only hell cares about people inside the vehicle I’m driving. I’m a pro. I f you cant trust me you can just leave.” so they drive higher than 100kmh in a freaking busy street. I think itssa smart way to become stoopid.

Oooverall. We, indeed, are having different views, especially in treating our-very-own-selves. I’m not blaming the stupid  second type, but I strongly hate it. Because. You. Only. Live. Once. So. You. Have. To. Value. You. Life. More. Remember it? Once.

So, which type you think suitable for yourself? 

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Jakarta, 18 July 2016

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