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Deducting the Story of Mine

Those six thatchers 

I started questioning myself why do I live in this country when iplayer bbc can’t be played outside UK whereas Sherlock season 4 is now airing (well, actually in the next three hours WHICH IS 3.30 AM IN THE MORNING). But I dont really mind the wondering tho since there are bunch of websites that provide me to watch it from any-freaking-where I am. Muahaha.

And finally! The wait is oooovaaaaaah after waiting like 18.928.184.039 days for the season 4 get released. Yeay!

It does feel like watching Ramadhan’s tv program while having sahoor. Lol.

Gila, Akhirnya.

Sejenak Puan termenung menerka sebait suara dari layar persegi panjang bercahaya. Apakah kanda sedang tidak baik-baik saja, atau memang Puan sudah lupa bagaimana kanda bersuara? Bahkan mengingat seutas senyummu saja butuh terdiam sepuluh menit tanpa kata. Hampir lupa agaknya.

Sudah terlalu lama sampai Puan kehilangan daya untuk menanti kanda di hadapan. Kembali merajut kenangan, yang entah untuk ditangisi atau disyukuri kemudian.

Namun, kanda, senyum Puan masih setia mengembang dalam tiap pintas memori bersamamu.

Eh, mungkin Puan gila itu benar adanya.

Silly Billy

Puan Banyak Pinta

Puan berkenan, pergi tinggal kenangan

Namun satu yang Puan sayang

Kanda acuh biarkan Puan,

Pergi sendiri tanpa bayang?

Obat Hati

​Allah menurunkan air hujan dari langit kepadamu untuk menyucikan kamu dengan hujan itu dan menghilangkan gangguan-gangguan setan dari dirimu dan untuk menguatkan hatimu serta memperteguh telapak kakimu (teguh pendirian)

Qs. Al Anfal : 11


Bukan puan ingin hilang

Puan hanya bosan,

Kanda tak kunjung pulang

Sedang hanya surat yang datang



apa boleh

aku bosan?

Karena aku

selalu jadi

yang kedua


Have you ever write a letter to someone?

I’ve done writing business plans, essays, abstracts, papers, resumes et cetera, but a letter? No way!

That’s too hard.

Collecting pieces

I feel like I miss the Netherlands so bad but all I can do now is just looking thru my photos at the gallery in my ipad and crying as much as I could– NO, I’m joking hahaha. Besides, I try so hard to save every penny I have to get there agaain!!! Or at least somewhere overseas because the first time I went overseas was when I go to the Netherlands. Once I did it, I went too far. Way too far hahah but still, yeay! They said the first time is the memorable one!

So I want to share a bunch of my photos. Mostly are mine, taken by myself with my ipad, some were taken by Pipi with her iphone.

We ACTUALLY brought SLR camera but we didn’t snap ANY MOMENT with it because of one simply reason; BERAT //the weight//. And if I may add, because both of us were just freaaaking lazy. We were.
Probably this photo was taken in the noon at KLIA. I waited for about 8 hours here for the next flight

 This was taken in KLIA too. We actually were in hurry and was running like crayzay but suddenly I bumped into a man wearing the same color outfit with me. So, “Pi fotoin aku dong tapi secretly ya.” And he didn’t even notice! Hahaha

In the flight to Abu Dhabi, I snapped this. Funny story (eh, you don’t mind, right?) is when I just arrived, on the bus to the airport’s building, my face suddenly turned down in degradation ( idk how this is even possible to be imagined) because I THOUGHT I left my eye glasses in the pocket of the backseat. Even when Pipi was reaally, literally, really have to pee, she endured it. For me. HAHAHAHA. She accompanied me to ask along about how to get my eye glasses back for about 15 minutes. The truth is, I didn’t left anything behind. It was hanging all the time on my shirt 🙂 and I just… Didn’t realize 🙂 🙂 🙂

I snapped this one right after arriving in Schiphol, Amsterdam International Airport. I was just like, “Look! Look over there!!! Lebara? Hahahahahahah it would be so funny if I add an n at the end!” and Voila!

Before coming here, I actually did have transit in Nikola Tesla Intl. Airport, Belgrade, Serbia. But SADLY I didn’t captured anything there because I’ve had only 55mins and the flight from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade was delayed (yes, I did run until I almost lose my breath there)

Thiiis was captured after I got transferred to the hotel, had a NICE and THANK-GOD-FINALLY warm bath :’) I want to tell you that I’ve walked to the canal but… the canal is actually in front of the hotel… Can la. I walked. Just deal with it.

Uh, oh! I did walk!!! Whilst everyone was ordering lunch at Chicken Wok (or wot? Or walk? Or pot?), I walked to Jumbo to buy water. I expected myself to be smart in chosing the type of the water but I failed miserably. Instead of buying still, I bought soda :’) and yes, it doesn’t taste good for me, nor Pipi. And when I tried to open the bottle inside the Chiken Wok or whatever that was, it SPLASHED all over the place. I really wanted to burry myself on the ground at that time but I forgot I didn’t bring scoop from home. Boohoo. Even everyone was laughing, I felt weird, just like the taste of the water.

This is my room by the way, with three single beds. Pipi and Patrice were my roomate!

Second day in Leiden. We were on the way to Leiden Law School to attend the conference ehehe

Loook what I got

Had a fun strolling after the 2nd conference with them. And as always, accidentally closed eyes 🙂

Got into Leiden Stadhuis’ bathroom and took a shameless selfie. Oh why not.

Meet the mayor of Leiden!

The ambassador of Indonesia #PROUD 

  Ambassador of…… Vietnam, maybe? I forgot 😦

And my one and only favorite; the ambassador of Thailand!!! He was shoooo funny and humble and smart and low profile at the same time.

Lads and gents, meet the chairman of PPI Belanda 2016! #FHUISQUAD

Fyi, I’m deadly tired and really want to sleep.

I’ll post the rest later! 😉

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