Little Deduction

Deducting the Story of Mine

Women in my Twenty 

“Eat together and be not seperate, because blessing is only with the united body” (Ibn Majah)

Talking about friends, or any best kind of a friend, these two lads are popping up in my mind. Yet, they also always pop up in my birthday without me noticing!

Frankly saying, I just got trapped.
Anisa (wearing red veil) was asking me to do iftar in some kedai with her. When I arrived at her house, she was WELL DRESSED, carrying her sling bag and a plastic with flowers inside. I looked at ma self… I only brought a wallet –with only IDR 20k inside and my cellphone and even only wear Jilbab (instant veil) and a sweater :”( good thing; I didn’t follow my desire to use slippers or I’d be a complete mess.

I have zero suspicion towards her. Even I had chance asking what to do with the flowers, and then got mad because she said it was for her friend’s boyfriend (why on earth they didn’t buy it by themselves????) Two minutes before adzan, she went outside with the flowers, saying her friend wanted to take it.

I waited five minutes, drinking ice tea peacefully. She came back laughing carrying the flowers back and I saw Khairunnisa (wearing blue veil) carrying cupcakes topped with sparkling magic candles that couldn’t get blown off.

“DIDN’T I FEEL SUSPICIOUS?” Of course I didn’t. If I did, I would’ve wore something appropriate and brought enough money :”(

I don’t know how, but these cruel women always succeed making time for my birthday and making it more beautiful with their own way.

Do I feel grateful? Of course I do. They bring happiness to my life and try hard to make it last longer. Well, indeed, friendship needs efforts to last forever 🙂


Cerita Ramona (introduction)

Presenting you, Ramona.

Circa 2011 the word Ramona started to stay in my head. Kalau ada yang pernah menonton film Whip It, kata Ramona disebut ketika Landon Pigg, that bastard, menyanyi.  Sebenarnya itu kali pertama aku mendengar kata Ramona. But since it sounded pretty, it caught my attention.

Ramona in Spanish means “Wise Protector“.

Trivia tidbit, Ramona is the middle name of Avril Lavigne!!! Yes, yes. It is. And the name Ramona was in the Top 1000 through the 1980’s, but it reached its peak in 1928 at Number 117 😦

Let us stop with the introduction, hereby I attached 👇🏻

What Do I Call this Feeling

What is this feeling and

What do I call it? —

It’d like to take this

as love, but how do I know?—

Something’s ripping me, over

something everyone calls jealousy—

I don’t know like, what is the use

of these three stripes?—

“I don’t know. Can you just shut up?”

And now, what?

Yes, yes, I’m turning 20 today after doing a survival game named Get Thru Your Life, Lazybum! – not even sure whether I succeed or not.

The biggest question when today is your birthday is,
“I’m turning 20 and… now, what?”


Tebak-tebakan: Siapakah manusia yang kelihatan giginya dan menaruh tangan tidak semestinya?—

Semoga tetap sehat, 23 jiwa yang tiap malam habiskan waktu bersama. Di selasar audit, sebelah kamar mandi. Di bawah lampu temaram, dan minim pasokan listrik. Hingga wajib antri kalau-kalau baterai laptop atau ponsel habis. Miris.

Semoga tetap sehat, 23 jiwa yang wacananya hanya ingin makan sehat. Nyatanya pesan mcd, kfc, dumdum, chatime, fish streat, lele lela, mie aceh, sadas, drift, martabak (forover and as always), sampai hokben tiap malam bergantian. Sehat sebatas angan.

Semoga tetap sehat, 23 jiwa yang jadikan karaoke satu-satunya hiburan. Dari lagu alay jaman sd, smp, sma, lagu mellow, pop, jazz, oppa-oppa-an (re:korea), blues, lagu yang dinyanyikan sebelum saya lahir, sampai ost teletubies, sinchan, doraemon, boboiboy, dan upin ipin. Eh, bahkan karaokenya via youtube…

Ya, semoga tetap sehat saja.

Supaya banyak memori untuk dikenang kemudian.

Bahagia, selamanya.

Semoga dapat A!

Jangan lupa besok latihan jam 11.00-13.40, 16.00-18.40, dan 19.00-22.00

Semoga 22.00 tetap 22.00. Bukan 22.45 atau 22.53 atau bahkan menjelma jadi 23.00


In Case You Forgot

“In case you forgot who you were”, I said. is a big deal in my life.

I’ve been writing to myself since 2013, if I’m not mistaken.

And this one, brings me tears of joy 🙂

I wrote this while crying….

And now I’m reading this while crying too.

Ewh, why. Sucha weak 😦

Kamu semu

F o o d

I randomly want to post photos of foods I cooked (dan yang kebetulan sempat difoto) ((dan kebetulan fotonya bagus))

Pisang goreng fried bananas

common spaghetti with carrrrrrrrots (im not a fans of carrot since day 1)

something-I-baked-with-chocolate? HAHAHAHHA I even forgot what on earth is the name.

obviously a spicy chicken ball?

taiwanese fried chicken strips

Banana fusion? DUUDE I just realized that Im not a good person in giving name over food… Fyi, I cooked this for some cooking competition and won the second place.

Well, just regular cheese sandwiches.

Traditional javanese food named Tiwul.


This used to ge called Perkedel; fried mashed potato with corned beef.

Chicken, with melted cheese inside.

Those six thatchers 

I started questioning myself why do I live in this country when iplayer bbc can’t be played outside UK whereas Sherlock season 4 is now airing (well, actually in the next three hours WHICH IS 3.30 AM IN THE MORNING). But I dont really mind the wondering tho since there are bunch of websites that provide me to watch it from any-freaking-where I am. Muahaha.

And finally! The wait is oooovaaaaaah after waiting like 18.928.184.039 days for the season 4 get released. Yeay!

It does feel like watching Ramadhan’s tv program while having sahoor. Lol.

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