Tolong jaga diri baik-baik, aku sedang enggan khawatir.


Type of a Person

What type of a person are you?

Well, for me, living as Yasmin for the past twenty years until today, I guess I’m the type who wishes people a good luck, a good day, a good life ahead and any kind of good wishes I’m still able to utter.

I’m not wanting something in return, at all. I just really want people to enjoy their life for whatever happens – because I know that loving life, even loving ourselves with a pure heart is such a hard thing to do. If you don’t feel this way, well, at least sometimes I do.

I want the best for everyone I know, everyone I love, everyone I care about.
And all I can do is just push my best until I reach my limit – then I let Allah do the rest.
I’m grateful for anyone who is and was taking part in the making of who I am until today. Each of you all have contributed well. I learned a lot from it.

Thank you 💛

About Time

I guess its time for her to stop.

Keeping what she feels inside, and showing only smile on her face. Saying she’s okay, and crying with a scattered heart inside. Making distance with others while she’s feeling lonely as hell.

I know she doesn’t want people to feel bad about themselves, but… That’s not how it is supposed to be. What is good, is good. What is bad, is bad.

That self-destruction is not something worth to live. Tell her to stop, now.


Guess who overslept after praying shubuh today?

Guess who skipped her breakfast and even forgot to drink a sip of water?

Guess who got trapped in 30mins jam on her way to campus?

Guess who decided not to refuel her motorcycle worrying she might be late for class?

And at the end, guess who can’t get into class this morning?

Me. Yessssss, me. Small and cute creature called Yasmin just did and went thru ’em all.

Well, that’s okay, Yasmin. That’s okay. There must be another wonderful plan God has arranged for you this morning. And hey! At least you can chill and continue your thesis at the library, right? #selfloveisnotmything #isitmondayalready #imissweekendalready


I’ve never thought airport would be the witness of my heart aching – denying the fact that separation is real.

I’ve been to places I sincerely wanted to be, but I’ve never cried as much as I did here at the airport.

And for the first time I made a pinky swear, here at the airport – with someone I’ve just met for less than two months.

I thought I was a prone to goodbye. But I actually am not.

I let the airport be the stage of my tears streaming down, to the core of my heart, letting myself to get drown in my own fears – of letting people I fell in love with.

I let them all know, how sentimental I could be, over my own emotional battle inside of me.

Fusillade; Questions

Nondescript, I found your soul hiding in the dark. But honey, what sins did you choose, over this beautiful world?

The light has retired its job on finding, taking us back to mother nature’s lacerated womb. But honey, why did you refuse?

Will it be a goodbye that I found you hither, to the light that brought me here?

Will you stay in the darkness all alone by yourself, and send me your last kiss within the air?