Little Deduction

Deducting the Story of Mine

We Looked Sad

We tried to take a condolence photo card, no?

I believe this was supposed to be a very happy group photo but why on earth we did look miserably sad like we just heard a heartbreaking news 🤦🏻‍♀️


Aku Ingin

Bubur ayam,

Nasi padang,

Ayam geprek,

Ayam penyet,

Ayam gepuk,

Tempe orek,

Tahu mendoan,

Cumi pindang,

Telur mangut,

Jamur tepung,

Tahu mas agus,

Susu jahe,


Air putih,

Kopi liong,

Teh tarik.

Wahai Tuhan,

Hambamu lapar.

Akankah kelas ini berakhir,

Sehingga langkahku menuju kantin,

Dapat terlaksana?

The Longing

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th’s Debt


I promised myself that I would write every day, you know, to keep the memories neatly because later I have to make a journal (though I highlighted it with a different perspective. He he he). But how do I maintain myself to keep calm in every single day I’ve spent with them????!?! They spoiled me with tooooo much affections and sweet memories I couldn’t squeeze it all into my head. I’m afraid there might be explosions.

Okay. I might just stop being hyperbolic and finish them all at once.

Disclaimer: Yasmin as a goofy person can’t stand too much affection. There are two ways she would react; 1) she might be blushing or smiling like a normal person, 2) she might just keep the distance because she hates crying in public. She does hate it.











*sadly, I’ve tried my best to write some serious paragraphs down but not a single proper word pops out in my rapidly spinning mind. I dah tak tahan. Byee. See ya in another post. 👋🏻😹

**please don’t report my page as a spam 😹😹😹

3rd and 4th Night’s Sins

The night tells you something, about the daylight that just vanished

With the birds that flying home, and the street that gets heavier.

The night knows something, about the love she suddenly feels

With words that might rhyme to her crystal heart’s singing.

The night sees something, about the sparks over her eyes

With hundred butterflies, trying to come out of her stomach.

The night, surely is the witness of her crime

Of loving someone she can never have a chance.

Day 2

Ending the night with canai curry featuring satisfying feelings that came from spreading happiness with Kechara is so mucho fun!

Giving happiness to someone is one of the best thing.

Yes! The smiles, the laughter, the high five(s), the hugs, and the memories; it is all worth the efforts.

I really wanted to reply, “Yes! Nanti kita main-main lagi ye!” but, who am I to decide? ‘Insha Allah’ was the only answer I could give to the kiddos.

Even when I asked, “dah besar nanti nak jadi apa?” to one of the loveliest soul, she answered with a firm tone, a smile and sparkling eyes, “Nak jadi dokter haiwan”.

Gurl, keep your determination high. And do not ever lose hope. Your plan shows me that there’s hope, lies within your soul. We both believe poverty will never break your high-spirited dream, right?

And when Allah decides us to meet, we’ll meet, insha Allah.


Day 1

Isn’t it exciting –when you told them your name and one of them replied with,

“Oh! I know you. We’ve met before, right?”

Surely, it is.

And it is quite surprising that the night here is wide awake. Too wide, to be awakened. And too exhausting to be separated on different vehicles.

Looking for another exciting day! 💋


So long, Tuan.

Since the last time I saw that smile.

Now I know what I miss the most.



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