Puan dan Tuan adalah satu
Mereka tumbuh beriring janji
Kembali pulang tuk bertemu

Puan dan Tuan sudah tak satu
Tuan berlabuh, lalu menetap
Menata batu, menyusun atap

Puan dan Tuan dulu satu
Kini Puan selami lautan
Air mata yang haru biru

Puan dan Tuan pisah perahu
Ditutupnya buku nan usang
Dikecupnya kening Puan nan malang

Tuan tersenyum mengangguk kecil
Puan tersenyum melambai tangan
Puan dan Tuan terpatri dalam kenangan

June 29, 2018

She was scooping out her oreo mcflurry while humming to our favourite song that was played on the radio. She suddenly stopped and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel.

“Why you keep knocking people away? I don’t understand.”

I took a sip of my iced coffee and looked outside. I cranked down the car window to let the wind caress my face and to let a deep sigh come out of my lips.

” You think I do?

You don’t?”

Nobody does. Neither do I.”

February 13, 2020

“Setiap orang datang dengan lukanya masing-masing, Yas. Dan ga sedikit yang berusaha menutupinya. Ga apa-apa“, ucap temanku lirih berusaha menenangkanku yang berlinang air mata namun tetap mengunyah kentang goreng.

October 25, 2019

If, between us
Most of the things are better left unspoken
Is there anything we could do
To prevent the fire from burning our bridge down
To never let the sparks die before our eyes

If, between us
Everything is better left unspoken
Will you be fine
Will your soul be okay
Befriending loneliness you’ve been trying hard to get rid of

If, between us
There’s nothing left
Will you be there
When I call your name?

May 25, 2019

Those who are willing to stay, will stay ー those who chose to leave, will leave.

Its not your fault nor theirs if you fail to keep your loved ones around. Its just how the universe keeps you surrounded by the best ones.

03 / 02

Merah merekah merona

Tersenyum lebar tak peduli masa

Katanya, setiap insan pantas bahagia


Tertunduk sayu dalam ketaatan

Menangis tersedu di hadap Tuhan

Setiap sujudnya memohon ampunan


Binar mata indah bagai rembulan

Ia hangat, terang dalam kegelapan

Selamanya bersinar walau dikekang zaman


Untuknya, penuh harap dalam doa

Semoga selalu bahagia! 💛

January 20, 2018

Do you know when its raining

instant noodle feels tempting?

But to the kitchen I’m looking,

I found nothing.

I dig further into places

then it’s kind of like surprises,

a carton of pasta and spices,

be the joy of my morning wishes.

(06:02 AM)

I came across our memories, to remember how beautiful it was. I came across our broken promises, to remember how painful it was. The genuine smiles, the silent cries, the bittersweet end, and whole nine yards. Why would I forget you at the drop of a hat?


I assume this is your last action that signifies our last journey. Here I am saying thank you for the long and emotional roller coaster ride we’ve been thru together side by side–only if we weren’t separated miles away.

I guess we’re just both tired solving the riddles we ourselves made for each other. The super hard ones. Who knows we’d stop right now and never make it until we reach the final level? Oh, heaven does.

When separation comes with a thank you, its a ‘good’bye, right? 🙂

The Suddenly Romantic City

Never in my life had I thought I would enjoy reading books in romance genre. But today, my friend, the day has come.

I am drowning in this book.

I found this Imaginary City on the top ten best selling books shelf. Up, up, up against the ceiling this book was placed on the super top part of the shelf, emphasize on the word super, I did tiptoe to reach it.

At a glance the cover is quite attractive for a person who lives under the ‘less is more‘ dogma; simple and neat. A picture of two old rattan chairs paired with an old wooden table, and a big scoop of strawberry ice cream on the table — served in a stainless steel bowl. (Fun fact: that’s Ragusa ice cream shop!)

I flipped the book and read Aan Mansyur’s name under one super short review (his full review is hidden inside the book fyi).

Long story short, being impulsive and unreasonable, I finally bought the book simply because I really, reaally love the cover.

As I read the first page, I thought this would be somewhat like other basic romantic books. You know, lame, boring, full of lust and undeniably predictable. But boy oh boy I was too quick to judge. Haha. It leaves me speechless with a bunch of emotions I don’t understand where did they come from.

I feel like this book is 95% based on the writer’s true complicated yet romantic life story; between a city and a man she has known for years.

Imaginary city, indeed. I knew even have visited six out of eight places described in the book but it surprisingly gives me new perspective on how to see and to appreciate them. I swear I never thought Jakarta has any sense of romance in it like I sweaaaarrrrr if Jakarta was a guy, he would be the most boring and stiff and no fun at all. But dang it now I think Jakarta is quite romantic despite its chaotic and ruthless personality.

And after I spent two hours to reach the last page, I peculiarly wanted to hug Rain Chudori… Of course it is my first time reading her book (yes, I know right–where have I been all this time???) but do you know the feeling when you found a book that somehow represents what you have been thru all this time for the sake of living your life? Perhaps because the story line is actually simple (but written in a beautiful way I guarantee) so she was just expressing thoughts women usually get but mostly we left them unspoken.

So if one day I have chance to meet her, I’ll hug her and say,

“Thank you for writing such a lovely book!”.

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